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Welcome to Suissedrums

Drummer since the age of 5, Calypso gives lessons in her equipped studio to children and adults. Her teaching approach makes it possible to address all the essential concepts in a rewarding framework that promotes freedom of artistic expression and personal development.


Calypso in 2005

About Suissedrums

Calypso began playing the violin at the age of 4, then started learning the drums at the age of 5. However, discouraged by traditional academic music theory methods that limited her artistic freedom, Calypso stopped playing the drums during her teenage years.

After studying audiovisual production at ESRA and at the Sorbonne Paris III University, Calypso used her creativity to develop a method tailored for young drummers.

This approach allows children to find their own style, broaden their musical culture, and learn solid fundamentals by encouraging learning through play.

Associating drumming with a positive experience helps motivate children to continue their learning journey.

Your child will cover all the essential concepts in an enriching environment that promotes artistic freedom and personal development.

Our Approach

Personalized Lessons

Calypso offers memorization games and free improvisation on music chosen by the child to ensure that learning remains a fun and enjoyable experience. The learning of music theory and reading sheet music will be done using the American Visual Drumset method, which provides a simplified way of reading different rhythms through images and is particularly effective for children.

Fun and Engaging Lessons

  • Warm-up with snare drum exercises (rudiments)

  • Improvised solo (according to level)

  • Music theory practice using flashcards, writing notes on musical staves, and studying fundamental rhythms

  • Music wheel: at the end of the lesson, the child can spin a musical wheel consisting of main music styles such as rock, funk, and jazz, and must perform an interpretation. This exercise helps refine the young musician's ear and broaden their musical culture.

  • The child receives a collectible music card at the end of the lesson featuring a famous music group and two songs to listen to.

Our Missions

    We believe that learning should be fun and engaging, and that's especially true for kids. That's why we use a variety of techniques and materials to keep lessons interesting and enjoyable. From playing along with popular songs to practicing rhythms on custom-made practice pads, we'll help your child discover the joy of drumming.

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