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Learning tools

Methods, flashcards and trading cards original concepts developed by Calypso


Mystery cards

At the start of each lesson, draw a card at random and discover a rudiment to play on the back of the card. A joker is present in the package and gives you the choice of the rudiment you wish to work on.

This concept allows you to learn and discover the fundamental rudiments in the form of a game.


Music Theory

Learn music theory while having fun with the notes that you can move on a wooden board. Build your own rhythms and you'll quickly master rhythm reading.


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Collectible cards

Enrich your musical culture by collecting cards of your favorite artists and music groups. Discover 2 titles that you can play on the back of each card depending on your level (the more stars, the more difficult it is).

Music wheel

At the end of each lesson, spin the music wheel to discover the different musical styles you can play.

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